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To Smoke Meth - What is it Exactly?

For one to smoke meth, one undergoes one of the methods that are used to intake the drug methamphetamine. Smoking Meth is the most popular method of intake for the drug methamphetamine. There are however, four known ways to intake the drug methamphetamine.

Methods of administrating the intake of Meth

Method 1 - Oral Administration

This method is not so common by recreational users as Meth Tablets are only provided under doctor supervision for use with ADHD or to be used for weight loss. Effects of the drug are felt by the user in around 15 - 20 minutes of administration.

Method 2 - Smoking Meth

To smoke the drug meth is the most common and preferred method of in take by meth users. It is probably the simplest method of the four. Effects of the drug are felt by the user in around 15 - 20 seconds of administration.

Method 3 - Snorting Meth

Snorting meth is another method of in-take. This method is not always used and provides different "Experiences" for the user than administration through other methods. Effects of the drug are felt by users in around 10 Seconds of administration.

Method 4 - Injecting Meth

The least common way is by injection, however, this method remains mostly for advanced meth users as the effects are faster to overwhelm the body and less of the drug is wasted. Effects of the drug are felt by users in around 10 seconds of administration.

The focus of this website is around smoking the drug and will highlight information on this regards. When it comes to smoke meth there are a number of ways that this can be achieved. The three most commonly known ways to smoke meth are,

Methods to Smoke Meth

  1. Smoking Meth with a Glass Pipe
  2. Smoking Meth with some Aluminum Foil
  3. Smoking Meth using a Light Bulb

For instructions on using a Glass Pipe to Smoke Meth with some tricks as that they call the "Hookah Pipe" please visit the link that follows. How to Smoke Meth using a Glass Pipe.

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